is an event lighting, installation art, and motion graphics/animation collective using the art of projection mapping, laser light, and environmental uplighting and downlighting to produce unique, animated projection art and live visuals for concerts and events. By using computers, video effects and projection mapping software, and projectors, we are able to utilize nearly any structure or object as a canvas for projected art and effects. From buildings to wedding cakes, or cars and buses, to boulders and trees, we’re able to bring virtually any inanimate object to life.

Performing Live MicrodoseVR visuals with The Polish Ambassador at Resonate Suwannee


Lightbrush is a growing collective of artists specializing in a multitude of mediums. With a focus on seamlessly blending the rapidly advancing digital art tools with traditional art mediums and immersive and interactive experiences, we are able to animate the inanimate, and create a canvas out of virtually any object or structure.

Lightbrush is:

Moe Angelo
Scott Hedstrom (Sporeganic)
Jason Miller
Sadie Miller
Brittany Wisehart
Plus an ever-growing cast of magical collaborators!

Lightbrush MicrodoseVR Visuals

Clients and Tech Specs

Who we’ve made custom art and animations for:

For who and where we’ve performed live visuals and displayed digital or projection art:

Tech Specs

Primary software utilized: Resolume Arena, Unreal Engine, Cinema4D, Otoy Octane, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Medium, Quill, MicrodoseVR, and more.

Equipment and Certifications include: 11,000 lumen projector, multiple 4,000 lumen DLP projectors, waterproof environmental uplighting, Oculus VR, FDA laser variance, Certified Laser Safety Officer, BCIA EEG Neurofeedback certification for training Flow State.

Neurofeedback Training

TidalFire Neurofeedback Training

Our unique brand of BCIA-certified Peak Performance and Flow State Neurofeedback Training, is now available under the TidalFire brand of coaching services – both in-person, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, or remotely, nearly anywhere in the world -thanks to the Muse 2 EEG Headset and Myndlift Neurofeedback Services. Contact TidalFire for more information.